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As the Rohingyas were chased out of Rakhine State, many of the families were already expecting to have a new member soon. For many other women, the choice to conceive was not theirs. This is a dark and very upsetting reality that one cannot deny. In either case, the rather specific medical attention required to give birth to these children was relatively absent.

Friendship recognized this issue, and has set up a maternity clinic for birthing these children along with pre and post-natal care. The newest addition to the already existing health clinics, it provides a very important service that in its absence would have had life or death consequences. Though it has just been set up, Friendship is hoping to expand its reach and provide even more comprehensive services. The clinic is envisaged to serve 150 delivery cases per month, with 3000 additional beneficiaries receiving maternal and neonatal care services per month. There is one gynecologist, 24/7 qualified medical doctors, paramedics, and nurses ensuring optimum services for the beneficiaries.

The first child born in Friendship Maternity Centre

The first child was born was on the evening of the 3rd of January, 2018. A healthy 3.1 kg in weight, this little boy was born to Nur Faraz, 30. This was her 6th child, but the first to be born free from hatred and imminent mortal danger from those who sought to do him harm. Cradled in the welcoming arms of Friendship’s staff, he could nestle his little head in peace, knowing that he was safe.

Mother and her child receiving medical attention

The Rohingyas had not planned on being forcefully evicted from their homes or being left no choice in the face of ethnic cleansing and brutal, violent persecution. A lot of these people had a future planned, a life replete with family, food and a place to lay their heads at night in peace.

The numbers involved in this crisis are still astounding. Hundreds of thousands of people are having to be managed, fed, housed and kept healthy and is as such a daunting task. We need your help, the Rohingya, need your help. You can start, if you like, by finding the donation button right below.

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