Friendship at the Furthest Reaches

The Rohingyas coming into Cox’s Bazaar are managed largely by the Army, while the assistance and aid is largely coming in through non government sources. These organizations are jostling for space in the initial reception area, trying to get the aid to the displaced as soon as possible if for nothing else but expediting efficacy. However, once the people move further into the camps, they are having to come back out to the reception area for relief and aid.
Friendship’s Clinics, however, are situated that they are relatively equidistant for everyone.

Friendship has always been working in the most remote area of Bangladesh and in the Rohongyas camps, there is a huge need inside the camp. This is the reason why we decided to set up our Health Clinic furthest into the depths of the camp where aid workers are relatively sparse. This serves almost as a community clinic as the people in the camp do not have to venture far to get medical attention or medicine, thus providing an essential service in relative convenience.

Friendship has 5 health clinics installed thus far, but it is still not enough to get all the attention to everyone, given the massive number of people who have already come in; over 600,000 and more joining them every day in the thousands. Thus further facilities are required, even though Friendship is currently administering medical assistance to 750 a day.

Through your kind support we can help our reach go even further, and provide even more comprehensive service to those that are in dire need. If you would like to donate, please find the link below.

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