Life in the Time of Cholera

The number of Rohingyas at the camps in Cox’s Bazaar is already massive, with about over half a million registered and many more unaccounted for in the forested areas. The camps are running out of space and are spiralling beyond standards that ensure the health and safety of not just the Rohingyas themselves, but everyone else in the vicinity. Concerns about hygiene and sanitation have thus become increasingly relevant, and one that needs to be immediately addressed.

One such concern is that of the placement of latrines that are downstream of the water bodies that the campsites are using for consumption and cleaning. This poses a serious risk that at the outset quite obvious, but due to the almost overwhelming volume of people coming in, it has been sidelined as a matter to be dealt with later. It would seem, however that it is past due time as there are already reports of cholera and other diseases spreading with alarming alacrity at the camps.

Friendship is working since mid-October to provide first aid and hygiene kits to help abate, and following that reverse the spread of infectious disease. In addition, we are also hoping to introduce and awareness and training program so that the Rohingya can address the situation themselves to some degree, or at the very least halt any further spread of cholera and other such ailments and make informed decisions about waste management.

These endevours are of course, much easier to carry out with the kind support of our donors. If you would also like to help, just click below!

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