Proving Their Merit

Friendship School Students Achieve Outstanding Results Once Again

Students of a Friendship Primary School celebrate their exceptional results

Just ahead of the year’s end in December, Friendship received the great news that the students of Friendship’s primary and junior secondary schools in the remote char regions have, once again, outperformed their peers around the country; proving that the innovative methodology is indeed effective.

The remote, deltaic char areas of Bangladesh’s extreme north and south where Friendship primarily operates have many unique challenges in human development; principally stemming from the sheer isolation of these areas. Far from infrastructure or access, there is little or no electricity, gas, highways, bridges, hospitals or schools, and even mobile phone access is limited. As such, providing quality education in these areas was a tall order. Friendship however, used its many years of working in such areas to develop a unique solution to bypass all these restrictions; such as lack of qualified teachers, electricity or the constant land erosion. The prefabricated, easily dismantlable, solar-powered schools using lessons pre-recorded by top-tier school teacher in Dhaka are disseminated by locally trained facilitators and staff, thereby eliminating the need for relocating teachers to these remote areas.

This year, the Primary Education Completion Examination (PECE) results are: National pass rate in 2018 was 97.59%, and Friendship pass results are, as with last year, a perfect 100%. 590 out of 1457 (i.e. 40%) students got GPA 5, the highest attainable grade.

Additionally, the Junior School Certificate Examination (JSCE) results are: 85.28% national pass rate, with 81.63% in Dinajpur Board (which Friendship secondary schools are a part of). Friendship’s pass rate is 98.44%, with 13 of 64 students (i.e. 20%) scoring GPA 4.

Friendship hopes to continue this success, and expanding reach even further and bring the light of education to young minds, who should not be denied their potential just because of where they were born. You can help us do that, and provide these children with a continued education by donating at the link below.

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