Shakh Shack

A tube well water pump in Kutupalong stands above a little example of Rohingya adaptability. The run off from the well trickles down a narrow channel, dug out by an enterprising individual, collecting in small square plot.

Though the water had already been used once, it had, to the observant eye, not become useless. Not willing to waste, the plot is now being used a little vegetable garden, providing an extra bit of food, irrigated by ingenuity. The kalmi shakh being grown is type of spinach that is a source of precious nourishment, and a popular vegetable with the Rohingyas. It is also perhaps unwittingly, a environmentally conscious water saving method that someone had come up with of their own accord.

This stands as a testament to the spirit and resourcefulness of the Rohingyas in these camps, and thus serves a second, more subtle purpose. It is moreover, a sign of hope. Despite everything, Rohingyas are seeking to build, plant, grow and provide for themselves. Live the life they once had, to feel at home.

The humanitarian crisis that this has become cannot be understated, and we need all the help that we can get to help alleviate the direness of the situation. Friendship has already made strides towards this end, but it is an uphill battle and there is plenty more to be done. If you would like to help us with this, please find the donate button below. Every little bit counts.

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