Water is Life

Tube well installed by Friendship at Rohingya camp

A human being cannot survive without water. A source of clean drinking water is of the utmost importance, but unfortunately there are not nearly enough for the 600,000 Rohingyas that are at the relief camps in Bangladesh.

Though Friendship had already set up a water tank, we’ve decided to supplement this with several deep water tube wells to bring up clean, naturally filtered ground water to the surface. These 17 tube wells not only add to the pre-bottled water that is being distributed through the camps, but also provides a way for the people in the camps to collect the water themselves as required. It is nearly impossible to give water and nutrition to every single individual when their numbers are over half a million, given the limited logistical resources available.

This is particularly relevant when considering the fact that water collected from surface bodies is often contaminated, because of its dangerous proximity to human waste and so is tainted by pollutants and bacteria. A clean, reliable and convenient source of drinking water cannot be overstated in value. 9 more deep tube wells are being installed, but they still do not match the sheer size of demand.

Friendship therefore has over 26 tube wells already built or under construction. However, this is barely scratching the surface in terms of reach. Hundreds of thousands of people need water every day, and more and still coming in. We cannot do this on our own, and we need your help. If you would like to donate to the cause, please find the button below.

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