An “AWS for Blockchain” — part 2/3

The Friend Store

The Friend Store is paramount to the functional utility of the Friend user experience.

It represents a pivotal turning point for the platform, and the community.

It is where users can find new services and applications on the Friend Network. Users and developers around the world will be at your fingertips using this Unifying Platform. Most users will access the Friend Store multiple times a week to check on their subscriptions, manage their applications and read news and updates about new community resources that become available on the Friend network.

We are building a self perpetuating ecosystem that everyone with FRND tokens can enjoy. Our Whitepaper is now out in 12 (!) languages.

In the Friend Store, you will be able to add storage space, computing power and digital services to your user account. This could be commercial, or even proprietary cloud utilities.

You could build up your software ‘toolbox’ and remote computing ‘power’ over time, or you could keep a lean-mean basic Workspace, and only temporarily ‘rent’ applications or services, and dynamically ramp-up computing power on an “as-needed” basis through paying FRND tokens.

For that occasional crunch-job 3D rendering project you’d like to knock out this weekend, it’s now possible to flex up a “Pro” software/hardware configuration for just a few hours, or a day or two,

Rather than ‘buy the farm’ when you only need a few eggs to make an omelet!

Agnostic to all tech across all “silos”

Any and all conventional and unconventional (distributed/decentralized, blockchain based) infrastructure, software and service providers, big and small, will be invited to distribute their products and services on the Friend Network and in the Friend Store. Users will be able to purchase these using FRND tokens. Access to important administration, like terms and conditions of agreements with these third parties, will also be facilitated in the process via partners.

The Friend Store will allow the user to pick and choose between all competing technologies. We believe that it will be a huge repository of great blockchain technologies which soon may be more than viable to replace proprietary cloud technologies in many fields.

It is our goal to make Friend the central hub of blockchain applications worldwide.

This digital marketplace is where anyone can package user-experiences utilizing the resources in the Friend Network. Adding your own APIs, business logic, business and revenue models, which can all be distributed as ready-to-go connection-templates in the Friend Store.

All the end users will need is a device that can open a modern browser, login and start the experience. No installation. It lives and executes in the cloud!

Agnostic to all currencies

The Friend Store will, just like the Friend Network, be an agnostic marketplace that accepts digital assets (crypto-currencies / tokens), conventional currencies (fiat) as well as invoice via a Friend Account and wallet that can be topped up with fiat or digital assets.

As part of the Friend Network Project, we will connect with the most recognized token paired exchanges, and token-fiat exchanges / wallet providers, (e.g. OMISEGO, LYKKE, Meawallet and others) to set up the Friend Store infrastructure in a way that enables one-click buy, where Friend and it’s cooperation partners as well as vendors and service providers have already done the heavy technological and financial lifting.

In sum, the Friend Network and the Friend Store will become a “blend” of tech, digital assets, and fiat currencies. A neutral and friendly bridge between two powerful “realms” that will merge over time. This is a natural evolution and transition to an era of blend. This will benefit both the blockchain realm and the conventional realm as it opens up for easier interactions and trade between the two ecosystems- all you need is a working browser.

Friend Store — blending tech, digital assets and fiat

We at Friend believe that the Friend Unifying Platform, with its Friend Network and Friend Store together, will be an accelerator of great new technological innovations and user experiences the world has not yet seen. Friend UP, i.e. a higher, agnostic vantage point from which to start. Developers and end users can start “over and above” the “silos” represented by the hegemonic super corporations who are inducing a behaviour which they benefit more from than their user-base. “Like an ‘Uber’ over operating environments and silos”.

Friend will be the gateway to cost effective utility on the blockchain.

30% or 11%

It’s kinda peculiar that many different software outlet stores on the market take exactly 30% commission on sales. We think it would be more Friendly to help developers and end users by reducing this.

Our commercial entity will introduce blockchain technology to the fiat world at scale. And we’ll charge a cool 11%. Sounds Friendly to you? But if you’re lucky to own FRND tokens, we will charge 0%. That’s autonomous. When you’re using our token, there are no middle men. It’s all peer-to-peer.

We want to help the autonomous market take off. But it will take some time to move the world onto FRND, so in the meantime, you can imagine there’s a lot of business ahead of us. And we think 11% is a fair and competitive fee for anybody in the fiat realm, considering the competition.

Also a market for Off-chain vendors

Off-chain vendors will also be integrated with the Friend Network and Friend Store. Everyone will have the opportunity to take the plunge into the future economy. We all know that’s digital currencies — we’re going back to gold version 2.0. It’s more democratic. It’s more transparency — and we’re all into being open. That’s why we’re doing our ICO in Norway.

By entering into agreement with the Friend network AS (FNAS), off-chain companies can offers their services in the Friend store, alongside blockchain tech. All exchanges are automatically converted between various tokens, as well as FRND and fiat.

Template economy

With all of these applications readily available, Friend will help developers and organizations with the creation of Friend templates and will make the necessary tools and services available that will lower the entry-barrier for others wanting to develop their own templates.

We will live in a template economy, where resources will be “anywhere” and can be connected to and experienced from and in the Friend Unifying Platform.

Friend can deploy these custom made operating environments at frightening speeds with a marginal cost.

Friend will become a desired route to the cloud for many companies, organisations and individuals, providing flexibility, functionality, and utility for all of their information technology needs, in one unified platform.

Welcome to Friend Store, a place of infinite possibilities :)

Oslo, Norway, 6th of March 2018