Beyond Facebook — social networking with a purpose

Social networks and smartphones dominate today’s life in first world countries. The world has become flat and there is a hunger for constant information and a need for visibility.

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To many people mobile phones are by all means and purposes a consumer device. For office workers they are an always on reminder that there are tasks to be executed, messages to be answered and mail threads to be followed up.

The above two paragraphs suggest that media consumption and work dominate the use of our always on digital surface.

But what about the rest of your life? There must be more meaningful private use cases than organizing the weekly basketball meetup and keeping track of your shopping list.

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Indeed there are probably apps for any purpose no matter what hobby you have. But all these apps usually are not connected to the people that share your passion, care about the same issues that occupy your mind or who are just nice people to talk to about topics that interest you.

With Friend we are building a platform to allow all of this — and to also allow your consumption device apps to scale up to all your other digital interfaces; be it your laptop, powerful desktop PC, VR headset, tablet or Smart TV.

Friend is built on 5 pillars that aim to give meaning and purpose to technological development. With Friend we aim to empower people to become proficient members of the digital society.

A new economy is on the rise — but a lot of work needs to be done to make the new decentralized and user steered movement a success and not let it be taken over by the same large corperations that steer our everyday life.

Blockchain is much more than just digital currency to be speculated on. Blockchain makes equality and equity possible on a global scale. It gives us the tools to create communities with low friction that can create value chains that are transparent and fair with the community in control.

We believe that Ethereum is the Blockchain that will allow all this to happen. It will spawn off organizations never seen before with members that can trust that the organization will adhere to its principles and be transparent about all actions and transactions.

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But what about research, hobbies, analysis of the increasing amount of data flooding every area of interest. The internet allows everybody to cooperate with everybody. Interest groups can form across locations and generations.

Friend will be the building block that allows all of the above to be accessed by anybody anywhere. We seek developers with the next generation Blockchain applications as well as those passionate about sharing their interests and knowledge with like minded across the globe.

We are attracting an increasing number of people that understand and support our vision: Golem, Fluence, Streamr and many others.


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