Dappcon Berlin — Ethereum is growing up

Even the air condition at the Dappcon venue was a bit like parts of the Blockchain ecosphere, it should work, lets try and test it. We can streamline and improve on the way.

I had the pleasure to be at Dappcon Berlin last week. I was also able to visit the FullNode Berlin for a Polkadot meetup. Visiting such events usually results in some new connections and insight on projects one did not use to be aware of. You also receive first hand updates on project like our partners from Golem.

What also becomes apparent is that it is indeed very early days. Many sentences contain “might” when describing the outcomes of current development activity. There are uncertainties. Like they alway are with bleeding edge development. We have had those during the development of Friend as well.

There is a norwegian saying “Båten blir til mens vi ror” (The boat is formed while we are rowing) — it very much applies to both Blockchain and the Friend Platform. Even though Friend has now almost reached version 1.2 we still see a couple of rough edges that can be smoothed out for a more convenient user experience.

Because in the end it is exactly the user experience that matters. New solutions must not only be better than current offerings, they must also not result in more complicated processes and workflows.

That is why scaling, user on-boarding and removal of hindrances were key part of the discussions. As Friend has those items on its core task list it was well received in the many dialogues and we will engage further with both our current partners Golem and Fluence and also reseach new possibilities with projects like Superblocks, Kyber.Network and others.

The Main Chain was filled under Dappcon Berlin

It is exciting to see progress on such important areas as computing on non-trusted hardware, inter-chain operability and user focus.

We will continue to seek partnerships and will start proofs of concept with the projects that are ready for it.

We invite any project that seeks to be part of a dynamic, user focused online platform to get in touch. Friend is built on human core values and will enable everybody to have his own cloud computer that is accessible from any internet enabled device.

Last but not least, a big shout out to Gnosis for both a fantastic conference and impressive and important work in establishing FullNode in Berlin as a hub for Blockchain based project in the heart of Europe.

We encourage everybody with a good idea/feedback/wish to

Dappcon was recorded, so for anyone who wishes to get a feeling of what was it like, check out the numerous published videos.

With heat records being broken in Friend’s home Norway today: enjoy your summer.