DeveloperWeek 2018 report

Once again, our US team came together and delivered an amazing effort and organized our participation at this year’s DeveloperWeek in Oakland, California. It was a busy venue that lasted from 5-7 February, possibly pulling in as much as 8000 people.

Crossing the bridge from San Francisco to Oakland, CA.

DeveloperWeek is an event of and for developers. New projects and fresh technology is displayed in a big hall filled with booths. Here, students and developers interested in software can immerse themselves and talk to other developers, perhaps find a new job or a new project to collaborate in.

For us in Friend, this was a perfect opportunity to meet new developers and spread awareness about our project.

Lots of meetings taking place — speed-dating, job interviews and all the rest.

The global perspective is changing

Friend has previously been rather difficult to explain to new audiences. It has been due to many reasons, but one factor was how we were introducing multiple new concepts like decentralization, peer-to-peer messaging and high-level API abstraction through web OS drivers. These concepts may still be quite new to some developers, but with the emergence of Blockchain and technologies like Ethereum on the scene, people’s perspectives have changed.

Right now, we can efficiently explain Friend in about two minutes to the average developer — and incredibly, non-developers grasp the concept in minutes too, which is clearly a breakthrough for us.

Friend is now much easier to pitch to new users and developers. Our booth was extremely busy at DeveloperWeek 2018.

For the three days we were at our booth in DeveloperWeek, we had multiple visitors engaging in discussions with our staff without pause. The time is right for a new cloud based operating system, and people interested in tech could appreciate the impact of our technology in a wide array of industries. We had conversations about medical applications, support use cases as well as integration solutions. The conference itself generated about 200 leads, which is a new milestone for our company.

Growing global interest

We are now receiving enough interest from developers so that we can form open source teams that can cluster around our main global regions, the US, Scandinavia, the UK and Europe. This will allow us to grow our community internationally, and enable us to host meetups in cities around the world.

It is an exciting time to work on our platform, and we see a great future of our technology. With the increasing momentum and interest in our platform, we are getting good feedback and good clear signs that Friend is viable in the marketplace, and that users can find clear applications of our technology in their own projects.