Friend — THE Internet Operating System

Friend is on a mission to nurture the free and open Internet — creating a decentralized Internet Operating System for everyone.

The Internet is becoming the place where we communicate, work, play and evolve our shared global culture. It has become an integral part of modern life. We have become dependent on it.

Our devices connect to it around the clock — through WIFI, 4G, 3G, Edge and other protocols which retain a link to the network in different geographic locations. The Internet is everywhere.

Friend is a new operating system that offers users a personal and private workspace where they can create, share, collaborate, communicate, work and play — powered by the Internet and available on any device that can display web pages. It is protocol agnostic, even allowing us to innovate on how the Internet works.

It is perhaps not a coincidence that Friend was developed in Norway in 2014. That year, the country had an estimated 99% 3G broadband coverage. Hikers here can easily listen to online media while in the mountains or deep forests. Web broadcasts are more available than DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) — which ironically replaced FM back in 2017, to the listeners’ dismay. Norway may be on the forefront of connectivity, but the rest of the world is not far behind. Large area WIFI via satelite, 5G and many other developments are making sure of it.

Friend has been engineered to work as an Internet operating system. As mentioned in articles before, we see both the Internet itself, and computing in particular, as a human right. We do not believe in licensed speech. We believe in free speech. Similarly, we believe in free computing as opposed to licensed computing. Because both your speech and your ability to process information has become requirements to fully participate in free democracies.

Learn more about our ethos in our Five Pillars, which you can read about here.

There is a lot of buzz about Big Tech these days. As Tim Berners-Lee rightly points out, ever larger segments of the Internet have become centralized — administrated by a few large corporations with more money than many nation states. These have accumulated enough power to censor and control our globally shared communication network, and indeed culture itself!

Friend joins Berners-Lee’s cause to decentralize the Internet by putting a powerful operating system into it. This operating system can be accessed by everybody, without any end user license, as it is operating like a Bittorrent network — run by the users.

The end result is that the decentralized web will offer users access to productivity software, development tools, distribution channels, communication apps and storage, without leveraging any of the Big Tech ecosystems. We need this to happen, because our future as free, sovereign human beings are at stake. We all need to take this seriously, and at Friend Software, we most definitely do!

At you can sign up for a free account on our Friend Cloud Beta.

We just released Friend v1.2 Release Candidate 1 as open source on Github. It is the first version with which we aim to attract more broad appeal. We are restructuring our open source project to lower the barrier of entry into the project, and we are using a lot of time on finding fruitful partnerships with those who share our core values. And there are many!

We see a powerful movement pushing for decentralization, Internet freedom and real democracy. Because of the times we live in. And because we need to make sure that the individual is empowered to freely participate in solving the big issues.

Friend offers an equal opportunity for people to create and distribute their apps without having to set up any servers or paying for proprietary software. This contributes to ensure that each one of us, all over the world, gets equal access to tools and resources with which we can expand our knowledge, and share it with others — including the very tools that give us access to new insights and abilities to form new creations.

The decentralized version of Friend will be autonomous, forming an expansive network of Friend nodes which offer the power to serve all the users. An incentivation mechanism is being put into place to pay users for sharing their resources. Read more about this here.

What this means is that you won’t have to sign up to the big, centralized services anymore. We are flattening the playingfield. Productivity? Check. Storage? Check. Communication and video chat? Check. Collaboration and file sharing? Check. Development tools and application distribution? Check. Monetization and trading? Check. And we’re throwing in strong security and uncompromising privacy protection for good measure.

Friend is THE Internet Operating System, and it is going to be a great liberator for users who today are tied to corporate silos which keep tightening the grip on our Internet freedoms.


Friend is the first open source virtual cloud computer that…

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