FriendUP ICO rating revealed

The Friend Unifying Platform has been granted a “Stable+” rating from the experts at

The team at ICORating comprises of over 50 experts from around the world who have strong backgrounds in finance and investment banking, they specialise in the fields of Blockchain, crypto-currencies and ICO/ITOs.

Looking at the chart on their homepage, Friend achieves a very favourable placing with some very positive comments posted in their report.

ICORating video

ICORating awarded Friend a “Stable Plus” rating, summarising: “We think that FNT Tokens could be interesting for long-term investors”.

They were impressed with our comprehensive roadmap and whitepaper where they commented that “almost every detail is planned”:

“The team has carefully worked out the development of the platform and progressive stages for its implementation. The description of the technical aspect of the platform and its services, presented in three separate documents, confirms the fact that special attention is paid to functionality.”

ICORating also saw big potential for the future of Cloud Computing as an industry and added:

“Cloud computing is gaining more and more momentum, allowing people to work with their required data via any device with access to the internet.”

The report also detailed about the large predicted growth of our industry this year:

“The world market for public cloud services is projected to grow by 16% in 2018 and make $287.82 bln, increasing from $246.841 bln in 2017, according to Gartner, Inc.
The strongest growth is in Cloud System Infrastructure Services (IaaS), projected to grow by 32% in 2018 and reach $45.559.6 bln. Software as a service (SaaS) is expected to show growth of 19% to $55.143 bln”

A report from Citrix and IDC research shows that 94% of companies worldwide are preparing for increased use of cloud technologies, including areas of revision and transformation or the modernization of their network infrastructures to simplify the delivery of applications — an area they see Friend fitting in very well:

“We believe that the Friend project is able to assist this huge market, which has great growth potential, to enter the world of blockchain and thereby avoid reliance on a centralized infrastructure.”

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