FriendUP v1.1 is now available

We are finally releasing our next iteration and update of FriendUP, our web based “meta operating system”. It is the result of long hours of hard work and a strong and focused emphasis on improving the usability and feature completeness of the platform. At the same time, we have also made sure that the system is easier to access than ever before. Therefore, this version is published at the same time as we can offer an Android app. This will allow people to reach their applications, data and services on the move.

The Friend Workspace in v1.1 is made cleaner and easier to use.

We have decided to give this version a real nudge and will designate it as v1.1. So many important features have been implemented, and so many stability fixes and optimizations have been completed. And seeing that we have exposed our previous development version to many developers and testers already, we decided to jump to a new major version and skip the planned minor version iteration.
We have published a page cataloging the most important feature improvements and bug fixes since v1.0.0 back in July. Please click here to read it in full.

Friend Chat has been improved. The user interface is now simpler and more capable.

This year has been very successful for our development team, and we are reaching a point of maturity in the code base that encourages confidence in deploying and scaling Friend servers to meet the needs of companies and developers internationally.

Have a Merry Xmas everyone!