Nibchain — the track and trace platform for a sustainable future

Thomas Wollburg
Feb 7, 2020 · 4 min read

Friend has partnered with Norway in a Box to provide a unique platform for their supply chain track and trace solution.

We are happy to be part of a solution that will help increase customer trust in Norwegian products sold in international markets. The distributed Nibchain solutions allows all participants of the supply chain to review and add to a products lifecycle — providing a unique possibility to tell a trustworthy story.

The Nibchain applications combine supplier and order management with a Blockchain backend and store relevant transactions when they happen. This provides authenticity for the story presented to end users that can easily access those stories using a unique QR code that is printed on each product.

Ease of use and secure data storage are key to make this chain work. We have worked together with all participants of the supply chain to make sure that the applications are easy to use and allow each party to execute the assigned tasks with minimal effort — leaning to a lean process throughout the value chain and committing all parties to take care of the product.

Blockchain supported product sourcing using the Nibchain solution.

The Nibchain concept gives small and medium sized suppliers the possibility to create a lean and trustworthy supply chain process. It allows small and medium sized companies to become visible on a global scale. It allows producers to make sure their products are genuine and have this genuinity to be seen as part of their product using the simplicity of a QR code scan on the customer side.

Nibchain can easily connect to external data sources and APIs and integrate information into a single view. This gives a better document and information flow throught the supply chain and reduces the use of email and paper to keep track of products.

Leading the way in real world Blockchain use

We are currently looking into connecting the application both to the Norwegian authorities (Altinn, MATS) as well as other information solutions like air cargo tracking services.

Nibchain has received tremendous feedback and with both an agile approach to our software and hands-on interaction with all involved parties, we are sure to be able to create a solution that easily pays for itself by saving time and money as well as providing a unique platform for Blockchain backed trustworthy storytelling.

We are in dialog with partners from all over the world that seek a modern software solution that fits both their goals for external interactions as well as internal information flow. Nibchain will offer the complete package a company needs: order management, supplier management, document handling, communication platform for both text-based and live audio/video meetings, office applications as well as calendar and email integration.

Exciting times ahead, get in touch if you want to jump on the train or know of good data sources or processes with room for improvement.

Creating value out of data

Tranparency is an important part of the Nibchain concept

Today, digitalisation is everywhere. Everybody talks about data being the new oil. We think it can actually empower people to be more competitive, work more effective and increase both revenue, security and trust.

We had the pleasure of visiting the Agritech Conference in Steinkjer, Norway and met with other that see both the possibilities and also the work needed to put down to make effective use of data in agriculture, fishing and other food producing industries.

Our approach helps producers see the value of data creation and we allow them to be seen all the way to the end user, creating visibility and trust and making for a more human supply chain in the end.

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