With Friend Wekan!

Work in progress Wekan FriendApp — awaiting further integration.

As the Friend Unifying Platform is now in a state of youthful adolescence, it is picking up interest from developers around the internet. One such developer is Lauri “xet7” Ojansivu. He maintains Wekan, a Kanban style project management and collaboration too for the web. With tools like his, Friend is growing up!

Friend is all about unifying new as well as established technologies. We open up a route to a future where decentralized and user-owned infrastructure is wide spread. Our collaboration with Wekan is another example of how we are working with engineers from all over the world to softly nudge the current paradigm in the direction of decentralization.

Lauri “xet7” Ojansivu

On-ramp into Blockchain and crypto

We provide an on-ramp for classic open source projects who do not currently interact with the Blockchain world. Our APIs and server infrastructure will allow projects like Wekan to monetize in both tokens and accept fiat customers through the Friend Store. Additionally, the Friend Network allows for new distribution models using our cloud infrastructure. For example on mobile:

“Wekan adding support for the Friend platform means Wekan can be used in the Friend Mobile app, have integrations with their calendar, the Blockchain, and other Friend features, opening many exciting possibilities for our future.” — Lauri

Blockchain and crypto currency has risen in the international developer scene in just a few years. Many programmers are starting to “smell the coffee”, and they want in. They may be apprehensive of taking the plunge on their own. But Friend gives them a platform where they can ease into the ecosystem.

Wekan is planning on entering the crypto and Blockchain space to take advantage of the lucrative monetisation models possible with micro transactions and trustless security. By collaborating with us, we can increase our productivity in both projects and harness synergies between our different developer communities.


Going forward, we are planning to introduce many of our integration technologies into the Wekan code. File dialogs, drag & drop and video chat is just some of the possibilities. Integration is done gracefully, without disrupting the existing codebase. This ensures that the project can move smoothly into Friend’s set of APIs without impairing existing functionality.

Please check out Wekan here:

Here’s a link to FriendUP: