Friendz ICO has officially closed — A recap of our journey

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2 min readMar 21, 2018


Friendz ICO has officially closed and it is time to pull it all together!

  • 6 months of intense preparation
  • 21 days of ICO
  • 35 people working day and night to run the best ICO ever
  • 10 International Telegram groups speaking about Friendz ICO
  • 86K members in the Official Telegram group
  • 30 community managers ready to answer all the questions 24/7
  • 13.778 users joining Friendz ICO Sale
  • 16.801 transaction processed
  • 22.868.213604197806214850 ETH collected to bring Friendz all around the world
  • 150 countries where Friendz app for Android is available
  • 162 countries where Friendz app for iOS is available

Frankly speaking, these have been the most challenging 21 days in Friendz history so far, but as we said, they are just the beginning of a new adventure!

We wouldn’t have handled the ICO the way we did without your continuous support and amazing feedbacks.

So, thanks again everybody for believing and participating in Friendz ICO!

Now that ICO is over is time to set up the next steps.

What will happen after Friendz ICO ends?

Firstly, in order to avoid dumps on decentralised exchanges, bounty and AirDrop tokens will be sent to you when the tokens are officially listed on the first big exchange.

Secondly, we will make the community express its opinion about Friendz future filling a survey run in the app. The survey main goal, in fact, will be understanding the day when unlocked tokens and the first 1/12 of the locked tokens will be available to be transferred.

You can express your preference and choose to wait until:

- April 4th

- the official listing day on the first big exchange (in this case, the listing on The Rock Trading will be delayed too)

Starting from tomorrow, the survey will be available in Friendz app and we invite you all to participate in it to express your opinion!

Did you know that the app is available globally?

Don’t you have it yet? Download it from the App Store and Google Play!

Facebook login needed.

In the next days more news about AirDrop and bounties token distribution directly in the dashboard will be released.

Don’t lose the update and keep on following us!

Join Friendz Telegram chat

To the moon, together.

Friendz Team.



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