Our Brand Campaigns: Friendz for Amaro Ramazzotti

Friendz community shows the pleasure of sharing moments together through Amaro Ramazzotti’s User Generated Content campaign

Italian culture is internationally known for living “la bella vita”, the pleasure of enjoying life and sharing happy moments with friends and family.

This is also one of the values of Amaro Ramazzotti, the well-known Italian digestivo bitter liqueur Amaro, which is the protagonist of a new Friendz campaign aimed to raise Ramazzotti’s awareness and its social media pervasiveness.

Amaro Ramazzotti has involved Friendz and its users to intensify the visibility of the company’s “Bella la Vita” social campaign: the community will create evocative photo compositions which show the beauty of Italian lifestyle, typically associated with the love for sharing happy moments with family and friends.

To reach this goal, Friendz has activated its users in a Facebook Only User Generated Content campaign: in the photo composition, there should be a bottle of the famous amaro which accompanies a convivial moment shared with the most important people of the user’s life.

Moreover, together with the photos and the campaign’s hashtags #bellalavita and #AmaroRamazzotti, our community will tell their friends on Facebook the story behind that photo, reinterpreting in a funny way the concept of “Bella la Vita”.

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