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Introducing Friktion’s Portfolio Manager
Friktion Portfolio Page:

What is a portfolio?

Key metrics: Return & Value

Portfolio Value + Return on Investment (RoI) + Fun Box:


Returns chart:

Portfolio Value

Value chart:

Position Tracker

  • Deposit: Amount of asset deposited by user
  • Value: USDC value of the Deposit
  • Net Return: Net profit-or-loss in Deposit asset and USDC value (marked-to-market)
  • Volt Tokens: Represent the number of fTokens held by a user. Read more about fTokens.
  • Win Rate: Number of positive return Epochs / Number of total Epochs
  • Voltage: Risk level associated with a Volt
  • Status of the position: Actively earning, Pending Deposit (deposit will be deployed when next Epoch begins), Pending Withdrawal + amount (withdrawal will be available when current Epoch concludes), Claim Withdraw (able to claim a withdrawal)

Activity Table (Historical Transactions)

Any features you want to see added?

About Friktion



Friktion’s Quantitative Research arm, dedicated to navigating DeFi risk markets

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