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Leveling up DeFi’s User Experience

Today, we’re excited to release Friktion’s redesign: a leap forward in making the DeFi experience delightful, transparent, and productive.

Check it out at

A common criticism of mass DeFi’s adoption goes like this: why should a user install/get a wallet (undertaking the hassle of private key management), understand the yield generating mechanism and risks of each DeFi application and blockchain they are using, and know how and when to manage their positions?

We believe that most of these challenges, while valid today, are a result of DeFi’s infancy when it comes to focussing on application’s User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

Scalability (million → billion users) is at the core of Friktion’s long-term DeFi thesis and this requires innovation in the user onboarding journey — beyond what we’ve seen the last few years as DeFi.

A goal of our ever-evolving design philosophy is to DEMOLISH the barrier to entry for anyone into DeFi — making every page, click, deposit, and word read simple and powerful.

What’s new? ⚡

Landing Page

A more informative Landing Page at!

Some highlights:

  • The goal of Friktion: building a diversified portfolio to outperform across market cycles
  • Volts: our products; quantitatively designed yield strategies for up, down, or sideways markets
  • What’s a portfolio? Build portfolios to fit your investment style (coming soon!)
  • The future of DeFi requires risk management, and Friktion’s here to make it transparent and accessible to everyone!
  • Growth: How’s Friktion doing? Dive into the numbers: Volt analytics, performance, and insights!

Explore Volts

Every Volt in one place at!

Learn about all of Friktion’s products at a glance.
An easy link to share with your friends who want to understand what Friktion is when you tell them about us!

Individual Volt pages

Understand each Volt’s Strategy, Performance (best market conditions), and Risks (worst market conditions).

We love the iconic Friktion Volt cards but now also offer a list view with the ability to filter by symbol and sort by Deposits, APY and Capacity! 😎

Quick Links

What’s next for Friktion UX?

  • Light mode! While dark mode is where we were born, we’ve seen the light and it’s coming soon. 💡
  • Portfolio Manager v2: Deep, actionable insights to better manage your Portfolio like a pro
  • Friktion Learn: a homebase for your DeFi education. Go from a DeFi novice to a pro within hours without having to put any capital at risk!

Any feedback or features you’d like to see?

If you encounter a bug, have a question, or a feature recommendation — drop us a message in #general or #feature-request in our Discord ( We’d love to hear from you!

About Friktion

Friktion is DeFi’s leading protocol for risk-managed yield strategies. Friktion’s 4 core products, known as Volts, are diverse building blocks of DeFi portfolios that can perform across market cycles. The platform has amassed over 17,000 users and traded >$2.5 billion in volume.

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Friktion brings high quality portfolio management to DeFi.