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Leveling up DeFi’s User Experience

What’s new? ⚡

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  • The goal of Friktion: building a diversified portfolio to outperform across market cycles
  • Volts: our products; quantitatively designed yield strategies for up, down, or sideways markets
  • What’s a portfolio? Build portfolios to fit your investment style (coming soon!)
  • The future of DeFi requires risk management, and Friktion’s here to make it transparent and accessible to everyone!
  • Growth: How’s Friktion doing? Dive into the numbers: Volt analytics, performance, and insights!

Explore Volts

Individual Volt pages

What’s next for Friktion UX?

  • Light mode! While dark mode is where we were born, we’ve seen the light and it’s coming soon. 💡
  • Portfolio Manager v2: Deep, actionable insights to better manage your Portfolio like a pro
  • Friktion Learn: a homebase for your DeFi education. Go from a DeFi novice to a pro within hours without having to put any capital at risk!

Any feedback or features you’d like to see?

About Friktion



Friktion’s Quantitative Research arm, dedicated to navigating DeFi risk markets

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