The Future of Working Together Pt. 2

Anthony Davanzo
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2 min readJan 18, 2023


Photo by Danny Howe on Unsplash

Starting with Creator Led Communities

Creators are a clear case of community-driven revenue and that’s why we’re starting with them. Creators make content, their fans pay for content. From large to small, a creator’s livelihood is driven by the community of their fans. Not only in the form of direct revenue via streaming royalties, tickets and merchandise sales, but also in the form of growth. Virality is a product of community.

Historically, creators worked with entities like record companies to manage the vast, complex process of publishing content, selling CDs, and collecting royalties. These record labels would even pay out cash advances to the creators, however in return they reaped the lionshare of the future earnings. This was a reasonable exchange for creators because they got cash in hand and didn’t have to worry about the uneven and erratic ways that royalties are paid out (it can take years to see a royalty payment from plays on a radio).

However, modern content creators no longer need to deal with the headaches of managing complex and erratic revenue streams thanks to digital consumption, ticketing, and ecommerce platforms like YouTube, Eventbrite, Tik Tok, Spotify, Shopfiy, etc. With digitally managed revenue streams, it becomes much easier to administer a revenue share to align community incentives. Revenue shares are a perfect tool for creators and community-driven revenue. They allow multiple parties to pool skills and resources to further the success of a project and share the reward for that effort.

With Fringe, creators can partner with their communities to work towards common goals — whatever the artist thinks those should be. This gives creators an unprecedented way to interact, engage, and mobilize their community. For fans, this means getting to partner with your favorite creators in an incredibly unique and powerful way. It means you can be rewarded for being fans in a revolutionary sense.

To make this happen, we’re using cutting-edge technologies to build a platform that has tools to empower artist-led communities to be more successful than ever. For many folks who are already full time creators that means improving lifestyles, creating more imaginative content, and intentionally building your career without giving up creative control or ownership. For the millions of people who dream about being an artist or a creator, this provides a radically new source of funding and shared resources to make that dream a reality.