Mother Goose

For the young entrepreneur

Bye, Baby Funding

Bye, baby funding

VC’s gone a-running,

Founder’s gone a-spinning,

Exec’s gone a-trimming,

And BigCo’s gone to wait for when

they hire baby startup in.

Joe, Joe, the Founder’s Bro

Joe, Joe, the Founder’s Bro

Hired in as CMO

Spent the seed

On his weed

Got a job at the VC,

Conceived on a Monday,

Founded on Tuesday,

Funded on Wednesday,

Plateaued on Thursday,

Shrank on Friday,

Sold off on Saturday,

Shut down on Sunday.

This is the incredible journey


Ruby Dev Sue

Ruby Dev Sue, come, revert your code!

The fonts are all missing, the pages won’t load!

Where’s the developer who’s on call this week?

Stuck in a meeting, reading tweets.


Slack be viral

Slack be slick

Slack’s growth looks like a hockey stick

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