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What’s trending in 2023?

frogs around the world imagine what’s next

The words “frog Trends” animates over different AI-generated images. Each image relates to one of the new six Trends frog are releasing this December
AI-generated image of a metallic human head with the words “Evolving Creative AI”

Evolving Creative AI

Spotted by Anne Greenberg (Senior Consultant, London), Ben Ellsworth (Interaction Designer II, Austin), Ed Bolton (Creative Director, London) and David Zemanek (NA Head of Go-to-Market, San Francisco)

AI-generated image of a brightly colored room with exploding shapes at the center and the words “Arriving at Home as Portal”

Arriving at Home as Portal

Spotted by Megan Nesbeth (Associate Strategy Director, New York) and Luke Hopkinson (Associate Consultant, London)

AI-generated image of a metallic humanoid figure sitting with crossed legs and the words “Unlocking Sense X”

Unlocking SENSE X

Spotted by Samara Watkiss (Associate Design Director and Sustainability Lead, Austin) and Alan Luna (frog Alum, Mexico City)

AI-generated image of a pink and blue landscape with a pond and people talking and the words “Decentralized Discourse”


Spotted by Kuldeep Jangid (Lead Experience Designer, Melbourne) and Stephanie Costa (Associate Strategy Director, San Francisco)

AI-generated image of a close-up 3D printer in bright pink and yellow and the words “3D-Printed Worlds”


Spotted by Ryan Starling (Design Director, San Francisco)

AI-generated image of a phone screen with abstract waves and the words “Planet of the Superapps”

Planet of the SUPERAPPS

Spotted by Liam Ahern (Senior Service Designer, London)

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Thoughts on design from frogs around the world

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