Heart-Stopping Experience of Breaking a Validator in Cosmos-Based Chain in Prod: How, Why, What to Do and More…

Amphibious Validator
Apr 14 · 7 min read

“He raised his head and surveyed the autumn vacant lots and the heads of the monastery from the dais with an absent gaze. His snub face contorted. His neck stretched out. If the wolf cub lifted its head with such a movement, it would be clear that he will now howl. Covering his face with his hands, the boy burst into tears. A cloud flying towards him began to whip his hands and face with wet whips of a cold shower.” — Boris Pasternak, Mastermind of Russian Literature.

Disclaimer: Whether working to securely validate $1,000 in $ATOMs or $100 Billion in government-backed stablecoins, we are still ordinary people who make mistakes day in and day out. Everything that is written in this article is a prime example of how you can ruin your reputation and lose a lot of money just because you consider yourself the smartest person in the world. Please treat this guide as a special self-defense note, not as a blame for the validator. Hugs and Luv!

Disclaimer #2: After all this confusion, I am writing a review like a real Russian guy, drinking vodka, deppressed and collecting rockets in the basement, for children who will build a future for their generation. At the end we all chained — parents risking their own life to save childrens, then they grow up and do the same. All you can do is to stop being alone and find your “soul catching” chain to IBC with!

Disclaimer #3: If you think you are emotionally stable, you are lying not only to yourself, but also to the people you are committing to. Respect anyone as you respect yourself.

Disclaimer #4: As we missed our rewards due mnemonics loss, we are going to giveaway $800 in $DVPNs to make other people familiar with my mistakes. All for the #BlueFrens! (but of cource it is better to take a retrospective on your own problems, rather than profiting from other ones in competitive market).

Admitting your mistake on a large scale (in our case, it is a fourfold loss compared to the initial investment) publicly, leaving aside your feelings, reputation and sometimes even your personal life, is an incredible achievement. Before you see our big mess, I recommend everyone to read the article from the creator of the Amazon to tune in to the correct waveform.

Mnemonics of Validator’s broken Wallet for rewards claiming:

enlist mango airport clarify height liquid desk velvet force fall shoot canoe swamp unfair sell road setup sight weasel tenant injury since tree rely

The Black Swan Event ($105 400 loss + Respect Drained)

Its all started when we decided to do a self-delegating script to be built-in into Swamp Explorer, the Sentinel Network explorer for validators, investors and projects. My DevOps was playing with MEMO and then he accidentaly put a mnemonic of validator and rewards (around $1 400) there and sent a TX.

If someone accuses him of being unprofessional, I will go to your house and slap you in the face, because we are still not an industrial giants and provide about 6 products on the web, while sleeping 2–3 hours a day. In my honest opinion, we deserve a piece (even a little) of respect.

A hilarious story of going from a successful entrepreneur to an uncontrolled animal

Once you realize that you can just lose about 4x times the amount you had invested into you (with all the trust you had with your investors), your brain, regardless of your competence, turns on the uncontrolled reactive (not proactive) animal, who can’t help but start blaming everyone instead of a logical approach to debriefing his mess. Personally, my CEO goal was to kill a piece of the beast in my head and implement the same priority:

  • Team First, no matter what happened!
  • Trust and credibility of investors at stake!
  • A community (negative part of it) that changes its behavior like a pair of socks (I hope you change them every day, don’t you?)

Brainstorming solutions

Again, as a CEO, I prefer to be honest and transparent, but when it comes to end users, I honestly prefer to lie rather than screw it up. You can blame me, there is nothing wrong with that. No human being on the planet is immune to chatter.

Solution # 1: sending spam transactions with re-delegations to spam the network to hide the MEMO field

We knew in advance that most users do not fill out the MEMO field due to a misunderstanding (I believe that this is a critical problem that needs to be solved not only in the Cosmos Ecosystem, but also in such industrial giants as Ripple and others).

Still MEMO sounds familiar with Mnemonics, you can’t resist it.

Rule #1: MEMO Field is NOT for Mnemonics,

Tattoo it on your hand!

In this case, we reduce the risk of private data exposure, but we are all in a rather insecure position, because our personal data will forever remain on the blockchain (just like inactive and jailed validators). This is pretty much a good thing to work on, but to be honest, I’m not the best person to discuss this with anyone because I’m writing this article. I am the one who ran into this issue in the subakery, nothing more.

#2 Solution: Forced raise of the commision and rage-quit re-delegations

The second solution is probably the best one, since we are going to force-migrate all staked assets, cease the loss and provide a reputation-reliving input for future validation services.

We said:”We are raising the commissions to 20% to spend on 6 products development in the Sentinel Network, please re-delegate to others and receive a 1000 $DVPN Bonus”. Pretty much we tried to incentivize users to not lost their stake and remain respectfull to our input. At the time of the writing, we lowered the 105 400$ loss to 7 000$ loss. Cool, isn’t it?

#3 Solution: Stay with it as it is and take a loan to cover 100% losses

Hardest and of course the easiest solutions due to us losing $105 400, reputation and future delegation acquisiting strategies despite the fact we provide a lot of value to delegators.

Industrial Input Commitment Time

As we said before, we are going to develop 6 Products, let me go over them here:

As you may see i goodly covered a 4 of them, let me talk about 2 more:

  • Lake ExplorerCosmos-Based Explorer with a function to Connect the Wallet with website and turn on your auto-redelegation fuction. Hopefully with signing into Validators will get some fancy stats on their progress for ex. amount of delegators aka Community-Driven Validator and also a usefull tool for Delegators to, as i said before, activate their auto-delegate feature in a secure and safe manner.
  • NFT Wallet + Usual Cosmos-Based Wallet — Current the only credible wallet i can mention there is a Cosmostation. I want to be influenced by their approach and provide a safe and usefull NFT + Usual Wallet alike and secure it’s growth with 10 000 000+ users across Youtube, TikTok and Instagram (maybe even a PornHub, but what CEO i am to spoil the NDAs)

Hopefully you like my input, vibe and approach for making whole Cosmos Ecosystem be user-friendly, govt-friendly and easy-to-use.

Winging stage of refunding

All users who were involved in this event will receive their rewards in 100% of the amount within 48 hours. If you have suffered, but do not see yourself on this list, please contact us and we will try to solve the problem.

P.S Honestly, i am not dependant on additional investments, but hope this article will save some users their health issues.

Fill free to tip me in $ATOMs, $AKTs, $XPRTs, $IRIS, and other networks, especially after IBC made it happen:

  • $ATOM — Cosmos Network: cosmos163dcvjf82nqvclp9ts9aqcx35rgzzety5n66fs
  • $IRIS — IRIS Network: iaa1qqhy3vv7rpaey2ha87xm4fh2j5emlllxe26j0g
  • $BNB — Binance Chain: bnb14wyrytnhs5vdy8xxp45pmuuxe89pn6xtzkepg8
  • $OKB — Okex Chain: okexchain1gxjg934jaqhqwwz5uh843pu9rw90jzcg8ez7dv
  • $KAVA — Kava Labs: kava1lgt85veud59mpytar7aq9m4n36lkx2aksw3qgd
  • $BAND — Band Protocol: band1vk6qmx5eqfs77ugpngl9c08zs3z0fn4ymjtwn4
  • $XPRT — Persistence: persistence1s4thatkn9a8l88tlz4yckl8ytrywwrevmh80l3
  • $IOV — Starname: star1tc6wc9nynks0gx4xr6zspjp396trr0wj5anyj3
  • $CTK — Certik: certik1kncu3exvxgvxqtfet5m5eydyy9jwyqta58v4l3
  • $AKT — Akash Network: akash1q8mcm0kn9rft0ej3w0u0rjrjxfvnlqqpp49prc
  • $DVPN — Sentinel Network: sent1alhj374pxvn0dadaz5ujl26p4kyhke4pxww6mj
  • $SCRT-Secret Network: secret1grse70wxqyu7xx44keaeez4amscsr4nly9aegp

PS: We accepting Tesla Cars as gifts also;)

Our Validator is up and running(Yes, we getting stronger everyday and hosted at parliament-grade hosting provider zone.ee instead of old setup):

Sentinel: https://www.mintscan.io/sentinel/validators/sentvaloper1008ynqk7wzh8xz2523q7w39tjmq7m2c259xxeh

Persistence: https://www.mintscan.io/persistence/validators/persistencevaloper1s9cw3cmyucxnh9p3ctf0qf2490kfjwh9xv5c3f

Thank you for the reading, don’t be an ignorant to important issues, let’s Frogalize this space!

Sincerely, the Team of Early Frogges in FrogVPN Ecosystem!

Feel free to connect with me in different networks:

Wish you luck and be cautious!

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