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Feb 4 · 2 min read

Hello. I originally tried this out as a series in Medium, but it did not go well (turns out the functionality of Series’ in Medium is a bit borked), so I’m transferring my posts to this publication instead.

I’m attempting to be able to run 100km in one go by July 2019 in the Race to the Stones (RTTS).

This is about that and about tracking my progress openly, so I’ll be writing running weeknotes to document how I’m getting on.

There are a few individual posts on the internet about running Race To The Stones and ultra marathons in general, but no ongoing series I could find to satisfy my extreme nosiness, and which might help me (a novice) work out how I should do it; so I’m writing one.

NB: I am a normal person, not naturally gifted at running. More of a shetland pony than a racehorse. This will be a big effort for me and natural optimism will only get me so far (approx 30k I reckon).


To run Race to the Stones in under 15 hours non-stop.

Raise a minimum of £600 for Sport Relief.

Stretch goals: To average about 7 mins per km (finish in approx 12 hours) and raise £1200.

Current state:

  • Longest distance ever run in one go: 51km
  • When: 2016
  • Longest single run in last 3 months: 10.4km (2nd Feb 2019)
  • Fundraising target: 0 of £600


I’m still having fertility treatment, so hopefully the only currently knowable thing which would stop me doing this event is getting pregnant. I would be fine with that.

My current fitness is lower than normal and I have eaten too much pizza lately.

It might be really hot on the day. Or really awful weather.


I’ve been running since about 2007 and have done a few off-road multi-day marathon challenges.

I’m very fine with going slowly (no choice tbh).

I’m better than I used to be at hills. I used to be sick at the top of every one.

It’s in July so it will be light for all/most of the run.

If I get round in about 14 hours I’ll see the sun set over Avebury’s standing stones. This sounds nice.

What I’m using

This 100k training plan (very loosely)

Apple Watch


Inov-8 Trail Talon 275 trainers

The South West countryside

Insanity exercise videos for core and rest of body conditioning

Virgin Money for fundraising: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Catothestones

Milton Keynes marathon in May as a test of how I’m getting on

The start of the Maverick series off-road race in Kilve, Somerset, May 2018.

I’ll be updating this publication as I go along on my way to 100km with running weeknotes to track progress.

From 0–100km: Getting to Race to the Stones

An attempt to run 100km in one go. Weeknotes, running, stories

Louise Cato

Written by

Delivery Director at Delib. Doing democracy (and alliteration, apparently). Posts are my own: weeknotes, running, other stuff. On Twitter @pretendcato

From 0–100km: Getting to Race to the Stones

An attempt to run 100km in one go. Weeknotes, running, stories

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