Map of Computer Science

Path to Mastery

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Preview of Map of Computer Science (Download high quality version from below.)


The map is sectioned into 8 broad parts that are arranged from top to bottom. Each section is represented by a different colour. The top sections consist of foundational topics on which to build upon towards more specialized topics mentioned in the bottom sections.

That doesn’t imply that bottom sections are more difficult and the top ones are easier. Arguably, many of the foundational topics might require much more time and thought in order to develop clarity than the bottom ones do. In essence many of the specialized topics are just an application of various foundational topics in particular domains.


Within each section, there are sub-sections shown by alternating tones. They mark the topics that may be studied simultaneously. It is just a preference. Personally, I avoid studying multiple subjects from one domain (Computer Science, Arts, Buddhism, Music, etc.) at the same time.


The incoming arrows on any node trace out a path of minimum prerequisites needed to understand that subject. For brevity and minimizing complexity, the arrows are deliberately kept to a minimum. So use it with prudence. Personally, I avoid jumping over sections in most cases.

Node shape

The shape of each node (circle, rectangle, parallelogram, etc.) signifies the broad category to which the node may be classified.

The map’s image size is huge. So, I have provided it in two formats: