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Letter sent on Oct 27, 2015

Does schooling guarantee our success?

+ other questions from a classroom in rural China

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Shaojie middle schoolers listening to a talk by Sarry Zheng

如果在学校又想学习又想玩, 组织团队的时候发生了分歧怎么办?
How can we handle group conflict, when some people like to learn and some people like to play?

Is there any way to transform a bad person to a good person?

What do you do when your parents are angry at you for no reason?

Can lost friendship ever be recovered?

外国人可以吃很辣的食物吗? 外国人吃什么主食?
Can foreigners eat spicy food? What do they eat?

What does coffee taste like overseas?

What questions would you ask if you could ask anything?

That was the simple prompt from Sarry Zheng to a group of children at a rural Chinese school. Sarry’s goal is to work with teachers in village schools to answer some of the most pressing and curious questions asked by their students. She wants people to tell their stories and share with disadvantaged students so that students can gain a broader perspective about the world. The answers will be shared in the format of a book with students living in rural areas.

Above are some of the questions the children asked. Will you help answer?

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