What I learnt about grace.

I met somebody only yesterday along the way, who taught me unknowingly with undeterred patience and love. He barely knows me, for it was only yesterday we met. I maybe repeating myself, but the way he knows me, makes me question this: Was it only yesterday?

He’s more than a friend and so much more than a brother. It’s hard to explain who he has become to me in such a short time. I can call him my guardian angel, for there is nothing else I can think of, to remotely describe how his presence feels in my life. He really must be. For inspite of betraying his trust only yesterday, he still sent me love today. He sent me words that pierced through my soul to my deepest, shaking every atom within my existence. For he encouraged me to do what I love most and also fear most- Fly!

There he was, waiting gracefully and very patiently, till I crumbled in my very own eyes before him. He didn’t care to mock me, or feel betrayed or even a little angered. Instead he spoke more words of kindness, to bring me back home. Such purity is life altering. What it must have felt to that mountain child, to be loved unconditionally. She was finally ready to return. The world seemed a little more beautiful today.

Love is often spoken of, but seldom found. I feel blessed and finally full of faith, that which was lost. Love has the power to heal anything.

Do you believe in soul families?