La Roata, Cluj

Traditional Romanian

If you did not try it yet, Romanian food is something not to be missed, having influence from Balkan, Greek and Turkish gastronomy.

Our first dinner in Romania was in the Tansilvanian city of Cluj. We chose for La Roata restaurant


We had a reservation for 6 and, at the advice of the personnel, we pre ordered the appetisers to save us some time. It’s something we would advise as there’s no better feeling than arriving at a restaurant where food is already waiting for you on the table :). As appetisers we took salata de vinete (aubergine salad), platou ardelenesc (mix of different cold foods: ham, cheese, vegetables) and home made bread.

Aubergine salad

Together with the beers they brought also a shot of aperitif drinks: visinata for the girls which is a wild cherry liquor and țuica for the guys which is a plums schnaps. The local tradition says that everyone should drink this before the meal (or before each dish, depending on your liver capacity :) ) in order to open the appetite.


Grety and EVG also went for the usual tripe soup. A traditional dish, served with sour cream and spicy green peppers. It can be difficult to get used to the taste if you are not an experimental gourmand, but it’s definitely worth the try :)

I also got the beef soups which I absolutely loved!

Main dish.

Dana had a hard time to choose between chicken livers and trout but then in the end she decided for the livers. Chicken livers are rarely served in western European countries, but when travelling in the balkans, we strongly recommend to try them.

Grety went for the grilled carp EVG went for the cabbage with sausage and ribs.

Ignacio got the beans paste with sausages. A classic in the area for the ones with a strong stomach.

Marc chose the wild boar goulash.

And I was rally craving for mici so I got 2 pieces. There are little grilled mince meat rolls usually made out of a mix of meats and enriched with amazing spices.

And btw the king of the beer in Romania #Ursus

At the end with all the food and drinks here is our bill 85€ for 6 😉

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