Lactobar, Oradea

Having coffee in a Dacia 1300

We were searching for a breakfast place in Oradea on Trip Advisor and we found this place that looked as one of the must see things in town, so we decided to go and check it out.From decoration point of view, definitely a must see.

The place is like a collection of very old things plus a wall full of empty beer bottles and some super funny toilet signs

I would not name it a breakfast place, but you can put a breakfast together if you are not extremely picky.

You will notice a trend in our restaurant reviews in Romania and that trend is called aubergine salad. This dish is something magical and we have extremely high expectations from it.

Aubergine salad

We decided to also try out the omelette. The nice thing was that you could choose the ingredients.

I got mine with ham and cheese

And the majority went for the all inclusive version.

Anemona got a wrap and fries as she was with the kids

We could not leave without dessert so we got some pancakes which where not bad. I shared with Dana a forest fruit pancake

And Ignacio got himself an apple one

Overall nice and interesting experience. Worth to pass by if in Oradea.

I would rate the food 7.5/10.