A Weekly Subjective Roundup of Top Tech News #2

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Volodymyr Golosay
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From dev to devs: A Weekly Subjective Roundup of Top Tech News

Hey there, friends! I’m super excited to share with you my weekly roundup of the most remarkable tech news that piqued my interest this week. As fellow developers and IT enthusiasts, we know how crucial it is to keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry’s latest happenings. So, let’s not wait any longer and jump right into this week’s most exciting stories!

OpenAI Unveils Plugins for ChatGPT

ChatGPT plugins

OpenAI has announced a game-changing feature for ChatGPT — Plugins! These innovative tools are designed with safety in mind, allowing ChatGPT to access up-to-date information, perform computations, and use third-party services. Soon, ChatGPT will search real-time data, book flights, find items in leading online shops, and even place orders for you. This new feature is slated for release next week, and we can’t wait to see its full potential.

Bing Integrates Dalle AI for Custom Image Generation

That’s how I generated an avatar for From Dev to Devs publication 😊

Bing has taken a leap forward by integrating Dalle AI into its search engine. Now, users can ask Bing to generate an image based on a text prompt if they can’t find a suitable one. This creative solution will transform the way people search for and create visual content. You don’t need to buy images on stock markets. Now, you can just ask Bing to draw them for you! Currently, it’s free!

AI-Powered Office Software by Microsoft and Google

Microsoft and Google have stepped up their game by integrating AI into their corporate office software. Both companies have demoed impressive features: Outlook and Gmail will generate well-structured corporate emails and summarize lengthy email threads, while text documents and presentations can be generated with AI in seconds. One standout feature is the ability to parse Teams call transcripts, creating summaries and action items after each call. Indeed, we live in exciting times!

That's awesome! Just check out the short demos!

Microsoft Office 365 Copilot demo
Google Workspace AI demo

Adobe Firefly: AI-Powered Image Generation

Creators made every image you see with help from Firefly.

Adobe isn’t shying away from the AI boom and has announced Adobe Firefly. Trained on their own image stock and license-free images, this AI will enable Photoshop users to create pictures, or parts of pictures through text prompts. This new tool promises to revolutionize how we design and create visual content.

Twitter’s New Verification Process: Government ID Submission

Twitter is reportedly testing a new verification process for Twitter Blue subscribers involving the submission of government IDs. Uncovered by Watchful.ai, this feature is believed to be in testing in the U.S. and aims to tackle issues with fake accounts and Blue verification marks, as seen with Elon Musk’s Twitter presence.

Introducing Nothing Ear (2) Wireless Earbuds

Nothing Ear (2) has smaller case

Nothing has released the Nothing Ear (2), an updated version of their in-ear wireless earbuds. While the design remains essentially unchanged, the company has made several improvements, including Apple AirPods-like pinch controls, a smaller charging case, Dual Connection for two-device playback, and upgraded Clear Voice technology. The Nothing Ear (2) is priced at $149 or £129.

Notion Introduces Buttons for Streamlined Workflow

Notion has released a new feature: Buttons! Users can now create buttons that automatically generate tasks, bugs, or docs with pre-filled information. Buttons can also modify documents with a single click and prompt for confirmation. With the ability to chain multiple actions, users can create powerful and efficient workflows, such as setting up unchecked habits for the next week.

What are your thoughts on this week’s top tech news? Share your opinions in the comments section below, and don’t forget to follow our Medium blog for more exciting updates. If you enjoyed this roundup, be sure to explore related articles and topics. Happy reading!



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