Brexit- Was the referendum a good idea?

I know that in democratic countries, it is their duty to leave certain decisions to the population. In the case of the British referundum, I don’t know if that was a good idea. That should not mean that I’m against plebiscites in particluar but the fact that a lot of British did not exactly know WHAT they were voting for, leaves some space for critics.

As we already could observe, in Germany and countries like Great britain, people, especially young people, are often not as involved as the older ones. Consequently, a lot of voters don’t know exactly what they are voting for. In my opinion, you can’ t leave the decision of something that big and important (especially for the future of the people aged between 18–25) to the population without making sure, every voter is well informed. As we can now see in big cities like London, people are demonstrating for a new referendum because they admit, the had no idea WHAT they were voting for. Often they were influenced by certain facts in their close environment which made them vote the LEAVE-Campaign. Now, after realizing that the resign from the EU actually makes British situation more complicated and disadvantaged, some part of the population demand a re-referendum.

But before one should give it a retry, it is necessary to inform the British what really are the Pros- and Cons of remaining or leaving the EU.