Don’t throw bricks when you live in a glass house — David Cameron really puts his foot in Nigeria’s corruption affair!

Cameron and Nigeria’s President Buhari

Disrespect at its finest: When I first saw the hiddenly recorded video of Cameron chatting to Queen Elizabeth II a few weeks ago, I thought this must be a fake kind of scetch or so. But after I read the comments and statements towards it in social media and the news I rapidly noticed his utterances are real. David Cameron really pronounced these offending and derogatory assumptions according the leading corrupt character of Nigeria and Afghanistan in a more or less public room with many ears and in the end obviously also a hidden camera in it.

To quote him he said, “Nigeria and Afghanistan, possibly the two most corrupt countries in the world,” as Buhari and Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani were due to attend the Commonwealth’s anti-corruption conference in London.

After I grasped the meaning of this incident I could do nothing more than shake my head over Cameron. How naiv is he to say something like this during such a occasion framed by the invitation of these two presidents to a anti-corruption meeting, held by his country. How ridiculous and disrespectful is such a manner by the leading president of a monarchy that used to conquer these states and used their economy, inhabitants, culture etc to the maximum, like in Nigeria as a former colony oft he British Empire. The more I think about this faux-pas I had to weigh up the most embarrassing aspects of this affair in which he does not only insult his guests beforehand, but also drwas himself superior in an affair concerning the respect of guilt, which is absolutely inappropriate. And I came to the conclusion that Cameron made a fool of himself by insulting and condemn Nigeria for his economic instability, aroused by it’s politically corrupt character, which has always been reinforced by Nigeria’s destiny to be a former colony. Britain’s money laundry is only one evidence for the British guilt in Nigeria’s corrupt history. Before Cameron uttered something like this I guess he should have minded his own doorstep in this affair, than insulting his guests before checking the shrinking statistics in Nigeria’s corruption matter.

First ask yourself about the historic roots, Mister Cameron!


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