How my (British) friends reacted to the Brexit

There are a lot of different reactions to the outcome of the British EU referendum. I saw some reactions to it on Facebook as some of my British friends posted their opinions on the Brexit on Facebook. You already saw one post (and the comments to it) of them in class last week which was one example on the handout — see the picture below.

I know that my friends do not represent the whole of the United Kingdom. However, I found it very interesting that every one of them posted something negative on the Brexit. This is just another example:

I haven’t spoken to them why they are so angry about the result. But I guess their reasons for it do not differ from the majority who thinks that the Brexit was a mistake.

In addition to that, I saw several demonstrations for a second referendum on the news lately. One can only speculate if a second referendum will “clean up the mess” that has been made. The fact that “Leave”-Leaders resigned from office and the other consequences of the Brexit which can already be seen (e.g. the British pound has considerably lost value) may show that the EU-exit wasn’t a very good idea. Thinking about this and seeing how my friends reacted to it, I was thinking about if there should be a second referendum. But even if it does happen, I don’t think that everything will be back the way it was. And why should there be a second referendum anyway? What would the majority of the people think if the result was to stay in the EU? Would a second referendum also be acceptable for everybody then?

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