On Nigel Farage — or — how to be “the head rat”

Caution: the following contains strong language and personal views

We all know about the #EUref, #brexit, #leave, #strongerIn — we talked it through; it is on the news 24/7 — if it wasn’t so annoying I’d find it funny… Actually, I laughed quite a bit about some comics, memes, videos etc. you can find anywhere on the world wide web:

Some reflected the fears of what could come:

Nigel Farage has resigned from his position. If you now think:“ I got 99 problems, but *this* bitch ain’t one” — believe me, that is utterly wrong. When I heard that Boris Johnson would not run for prime minister I thought it was suspicious. When Farage did, the only thing that came to my mind was something that I am not going to repeat. Not only did the Leave-campaign lie to the voters, but Farage exploited them by not clearing this false statement up even though he knew it was wrong — well, he did… AFTER the referendum. The Leave campaign also somehow made it socially acceptable to be a racist douchebag. I do not comprehend how one can even think that they are “better” than somebody else decided by e.g. skin colour. If these guys had made their homework they would know that there are no “sub-races”. (That is because we never had enough time in seperate groups to generate different species of humans.) And to top it all, the leading figures do not have the courage to pick up the pieces of their precious Great Britain they scattered; they do not want to “dirty” their hands — what.a.surprise.

Therefore I absolutely L.O.V.E.D Christopher Waltz’ statement on Farage:

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