The Soon-To-Be Former UK

Big voices in Scotland and Northern Ireland in the last two weeks! Nicola Sturgeon stated that a second independence referendum would be “highly likely” almost immediately after the voting results were released on the 24th of June, as 68% of voters in Scotland voted to remain in the EU.

In Northern Ireland, people are queueing for Irish passports in Belfast and others are openly campaigning for a United Ireland. This is despite the fact that the vote was quite a bit closer in Northern Ireland — 56% voted to remain. For years, the Northern Irish people have been firm supporters of staying in the UK — now, with the Brexit actually becoming a reality, and Scotland likely to leave the UK, people “are saying for the first time in their life they would vote for united Ireland, having never contemplated it before,” said Steven Agnew, the leader of the Green Party in Northern Ireland.”

So what happens now? The Spanish Prime Minister and the French President have rejected the idea of Scotland joining the EU on its own — despite the Scottish MEP Alyn Smith receiving a standing ovation when he told the other MEPs to “Please, remember this. Scotland did not let you down. Please, I beg you, cher colleagues, do not let Scotland down now.” This was just after Farage’s now infamous speech post-Brexit in the European Parliament.

Nevertheless, I’m convinced that a second Scottish Independence Referendum is now inevitable — and I doubt that the EU actually would refuse them when the time came. Although I do think that Nicola Sturgeon is waiting for the right time — losing a second referendum would be her political downfall (see: David Cameron), and the SNP would take many years to recover from it. As for Northern Ireland, since the parties largely campaigned for a Remain vote, I believe that if Scotland successfully exits the UK, they will follow. Where does that leave you now, Little England?