What if…?

As inspired from this very creative map and description of the British Empire I came up with a few questions asking about what could have happened if…

What if the UK used their global power not only to improve its own living standards by exploiting other countries but also surpressed them more by literally starting a global war and taking control of all these areas?

What if the UK had taken over Greenland and the Nordic Lands? Would they then also claim the right to its resources?

How would the US look like if it hadn’t been the British who went and settled there?

What would be our current Lingua Franca?

What if Britain had shown more interest in claiming the South American islands and perhaps even mainland areas? It would mean that they had defeated the Spanish and Portugese as well. Would colonialism therefore still be existent?

Would Australia still be a place for all the criminals? How would this country then look like?

What if Britain had not shared their technological advancements during the Industrial Revolution? Would they be the single main power on the world? The Iron Curtain perhaps could’ve been a lot closer without a huge mass of water in between.

Would we today all be driving on the left side of the road?

These questions do not follow a structure but struck me after reading the post in that forum at the top. I think it’s worth considering and creating hypotheses.

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