How posh are you?
Wilma De

Your post immediately caught my eye among all the others because of its conspicuous title: I like it how you directly address the reader and the unobvious link to our seminar topic really aroused my curiosity. It’s very creative to use the e-cigarette commercial as a starting point for your argument…thus, I could immediately relate to your post because I was also rather surprised to see a TV commercial for e-cigarettes for the first time (even if it was not for “be posh”, but for “vype”). Just as a side fact: From May 20th on, TV commercials for e-cigarettes will be banned in Germany just as those for normal cigarettes — under the “EU-Tabakproduktrichtlinie”. Overall, I really liked your post, especially the short lore about the origin of the word “posh”, I hadn’t heard that before. Your idea behind the change of meaning of this word from the 19th century to this day becomes clear in your post. However, I would have liked it even more if you gave more concrete examples for this “new lifestyle” and the shifts in public opinion. How did they come about and (how) do they relate to “Europeanisation” and the end of the Empire?

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