7 Reasons to Stop Hating the Treadmill

Ah, The good ‘ol dreadmill errr… treadmill. Many of us have a hate-hate relationship with it. I myself have grown to tolerate the treadmill. I admit it’s easier to deal with when runs are 6 miles and under, but, I’ve used it to run up to 14 miles. Not everyone hates running on a treadmill. Powerhouse runners and bloggers like EMZ run on them all the time and she even did her own 24-hour treadmill fundraiser on one! Lesley from Racing It Off also often turns to tread work without mention of dread. She clocks some serious miles on it too!

However, today I woke up with a groan at the thought of hopping on the treadmill… So on the heels of my post about being positive, I started to talk to myself about all the benefits of the good ‘ol tread.

So in honor of national treadmill day… (never heard of national treadmill day? Well that’s because I made it up…) I’m listing seven reasons why we should stop hating the treadmill:

So what are your thoughts on our poor, often hated friend the treadmill? Love ’em or hate ’em? Join me and other From Fat to Finish Liners in posting your treadmill selfies on social media and tag them with #FFTFLtreadmillselfie



The original team of 12 runners (featured in the documentary film of the same name) started this movement for folks that are working to eat well, make time for fitness, and figure out how to move toward our health and fitness “finish lines.”

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Jennifer Roe

Producer and co-star of the documentary feature “From Fat to Finish Line,” after a long career in entertainment, Jennifer is now a certified life coach.