Reading is fundamental. Everyday I tell myself I will read more and I do. (Just take a look at my Facebook page.) However, that reading is the type of short attention spanned reading that sometimes doesn’t tickle my fancy as a lover of everything words. I want something I can concentrate my entire heart and mind to for more than just a few minutes. I want something that I will feel in my bones and seep into my soul, yet won’t take a few days or weeks to finish. So yes, I want a long read.

So, I thought others may also be looking for good things to read over the weekend as well. (I know I am not the only nerd in the room.) I decided I will share with you what I look forward to reading over the weekend and an extra thing or two you may want to check out as well.

National Museum of African American History

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, it is the historic opening of the National Museum of African American History. Personally, I am beyond excited. I have also been saving almost everyone’s opinion on what it means thus far. Take a look.

How a museum captures African American History via The Atlantic

Can a thorough, thoughtful museum speak to a new racist age? Via The Washington Post

How a Museum Reckons With Black Pain via The Atlantic


The protest in Charlotte have been hard to stomach. What will it take for all of it to stop or is this just the time we have reached in history? Here is what Claudia Rankine has to say about it while discussing her recent award.

MacArthur Grant Winner Claudia Rankine On Charlotte: “This Violence Is Not Accidental” via BuzzFeed News

Social Media Tips

Ok — this is not a long piece, but sometimes I need to put this social media thing into perspective and Mattie at Mattieologie helped me achieve that in this piece.

The One Thing You Must Do To Build Your Blog Audience FAST via Mattieologie

Twitter + Salesforce?

And because I love Twitter and an avid microblogger, I am always keeping up with what is going on the Twitter sale or not front.

Twitter Is Said to Be Discussing a Possible Takeover via The New York Times

Brag Piece

I am a proud graduate of Tennessee State University. In the South, in the African American community, it is all about two things at a HBCU — the football team and the band (and depending on which school you attend — it’s really all about the band.) So I was so excited to find out that not only did my alma mater have several items exhibited at the museum but The Aristocrat of Bands perform on East Lawn of the White House for the museum’s opening!

Tennessee State University band performing at White House via Associated Press

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