Zooming Past The Old: How LBB Helped Drive A Change In Perception With The Body Shop & The Way Brands See CSR

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4 min readSep 17, 2019


Case Study By Shubhangi Bansal

Takeaway: We live in extremely interesting times. With so much happening in the world against each passing second, it has indeed made time the most valuable currency of the millennia. Getting people to spend time with a brand is a task all marketers face on an everyday basis. Then how do you get millennials to engage with the brand that too the CSR way?

Millennials are truly a generation that “cares”, meaning they care how the brands are making an impact on the world. Given their sheer numbers and how much they matter to the corporations (for monies, of course), it is imperative for brands to start taking CSR seriously.

But in all seriousness, how do you make CSR fun and interesting and an activity which is more than just donating money? You’re about to find out!

Client: The Body Shop

Brief: Promote brand The Body Shop’s initiative of #BringBackOurBottles and their global association with Plastics For Change while highlighting what they stand for: empowering women to move towards a fairer world. No pun intended.

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Platform: LBB (LBB.IN & LBB.IN/APP)

Unit: Online to Offline

The ask was pretty simple. Let the world know what The Body Shop truly stands for, a fun, quirky brand with a penchant for changing the world, one cause at a time.

How Did We Do It?

By organising an exciting trip with female bikers riding for a change. To make this interesting, we collaborated with Bikerni, Asia’s largest all-women Bikers’ group and LBB Users from diverse backgrounds.

In the first leg of the campaign, we ran a city-wide contest asking LBB Users to register for the trip and tell us why they want to be a part of this exciting #RideForChange. The answers were interesting but the most exciting bit was the number of entries that started flowing in. By the end of the contest, we received 5X the number of entries than what was anticipated.

Post which, it was finally time to #RideForChange.

More than Just A Trip

In all honesty, trips can become a tad bit boring if it’s all about moving from Point A to Point B. Right? So we had to make it an interactive and engaging trip. How did we do it, you ask? Pitstop at gorgeous locations, wholesome meals, exciting games and activities, chance to win The Body Shop products and a platform for ladies from all walks of life to come together and build on their shared passions were only a few elements. Let’s just say, stories were shared and memories were made.

The main CSR task was easy; pick up the waste bottles of The Body Shop products from the store and drop them off to Hasirudala Innovations Centre, Khambipura for the brand’s global association with Plastics For Change. The participants were taken through the process of plastic recycling and how The Body Shop is reducing its plastic footprint by recycling the waste empties for their new hair-care packaging. All the while, supporting the waste-pickers community of Bangalore comprising mostly of women, with fair wages and access to basic utilities.

The Results:
The results for Bangalore’s #RideForChange were phenomenal.

Achieved 1 Million+ impressions for the entire campaign, the response received from the LBB Community was overwhelming.

Received 5X entries than what was promised

Within 10 days of going live, the response and entries we achieved were over 5X than what was anticipated.

Key Learnings:

> Make CSR activities fun and engaging
Millennials are always on the lookout for newer experiences in life. Present them with that, they will engage with your brand and develop a positive affinity. CSR always has to be about more than just donating money or helping the needy

>Stay true to your cause
Always stand for what you stand for! The entire event was 100% plastic-free and vegetarian, staying true to what the brand stands for. This resulted in creating an effective and holistic brand image in the mind of a consumer.

>Nothing works like a little incentive
The enthusiasm to participate always goes higher when it’s incentivised. Exciting giveaways will ALWAYS get people excited. For a beauty brand in particular it works like a charm!

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