From Global To Local: How We Drove adidas into 10,000+ Group Chats

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5 min readNov 18, 2019


Case Study By: Aditi Ajmera

More than often we’ve seen that brands are on the lookout for a partner who won’t just execute their campaign but live the brand and add value to their existing thought process. Such was the case with adidas during the launch of VRCT Jackets in India. They were looking for a partner that could help get their brand message to thousands of consumers in the best possible manner. AND that just happens to be LBB’s strong suit — talking to thousands of millennials who not only listen to us but also engage with and respond to us, making LBB the perfect partner for this campaign. When a brand message meets a platform’s core strength MAGIC happens.

The Brief: adidas was dropping the latest VRCT Jacket in India which celebrates team pride and self-expression. LBB was asked to come up with a value addition to the existing #WeRepresent campaign as an individual platform, launch the jacket digitally and ‘engage’ with at least 10,000 users by collecting stories around what their favourite group represents.

Engagement in this case was defined by unique leads generated for this campaign, and the target set was 10,000 high quality leads (measured by context of response, and them changing their WhatsApp group icon) Additional benchmarks on impressions, CTR and unique views was also set.

The Challenge: In addition to this, the challenge was to get these users to change their group display pictures to a unique personalised icon (yes, that’s right, 10000+ personalised icons!!) with one word/sentence that described their group story the best.

LBB’s Solution: EVERYTHING is possible!

The way we approached the brief was more thought- based than execution-based. VRCT Jackets represent self-expression and LBB represents Real Conversations among Real Users. It was only logical to go ahead and ask our REAL USERS, what their REAL CONVERSATIONS REPRESENT!

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Here’s What We Did:

LBB devised a campaign around #WeRepresent which included videos and a contest. The winners would get the newly launched VRCT JACKETS along with their personalized badges for all the chat-group members.

How Did It Work?

Phase 1: Awareness

We started the campaign with a vox-pop video (people’s favourite!) where LBB Crew went to the streets of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore asking people 3 main questions:

  1. Who is on their favourite group chat with and
  2. How would they describe that group/conversation.
  3. To describe what that chat represents in 1 word

Phase 2: Engagement
Now the bigger ask was how to get 10,000 people to change their Group Icons to the personalised (and adidas branded) images. We posted a lead generation content unit on our web and app, through which our users shared details of their favourite group chat with us and describe what their conversations are mostly about. We also built a customised, branded landing page for users to submit these details.

Step 1: Enter the VRCT Contest by submitting necessary details on LBB’s web and app

Step 2: You will receive a personalised group icon with visuals and 1–3 words that represent the group the best.

Step 3: Each entry was sent the personalised icon upon submission of information, and asked to reply with a screenshot once they have put it up (for better chances of winning the VRCT Jackets!). Each entry was responded to within a time frame of 24–48 hours with their personalised group icon and we received an overwhelming response from the participants! Screenshots started flowing in within minutes!

The response on VRCT #WeRepresent campaign was beyond expectations for both us and adidas!

  1. 120% delivery in terms of entries promised and +500% of expected screenshots in just 10 days
  2. 12~ Million Overall Digital Impressions in JUST 10 DAYS
  3. Over 1 Million video views with over 23% VTR @ 3 second views (15% is the avg VTR received on YouTube videos @ 3 second views)


  1. Brand Loyalty Prevails: Brand like adidas {with higher consumer loyalty} drives a higher performance on the platform.
  2. Higher the incentive, higher is the engagement and number of entries, despite multiple layers of process
  3. Campaign about and around real users work the best: If your brand communication rests on real users and real conversations, the better the responses. Even though the VRCT campaign had a lot of layers, it was still quite straightforward and simple in the sense that users were asked to describe their favourite group chat. We received entries from all kinds of groups — from friends and family to travellers, gamers, animal lovers, activists and even people connected to each other via shared interest/feelings towards mental health. Consumers have a lot to say, only if the brands ask the right questions.

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