Innovation on Wheels: How LBB Drove 15 Million Impressions For The Automotive Giant, MG Motor

Aug 27, 2019 · 4 min read

Case Study by Shruti Sah

Takeaway: How to package an offline experience for a brand to generate maximum interest in the product from the relevant audience

Client: MG Motor

Brief: Maximise eyeballs and create a buzz on MG Motor prior to the launch of their first car

Platform: LBB (LBB.IN & LBB.IN/App)

Unit: Digital and O2O (online to offline) via LBB community connect

As a digital platform we are a hub for millennials interested in the latest trends in food, hospitality, fashion, shopping and fitness, and with enough disposable income and time. As a new entrant, it was imperative for MG Motor to position itself as one of the most preferred and exciting one as well as engage with the LBB audience. Thus, we launched a two-pronged, 11-city campaign to build brand affinity and recall value for the automotive giant’s futuristic tech. While the brand had curated a series of roadshows across metro cities in India, we worked with their marketing team to generate maximum footfall and bring quality people to meet the brand IRL.

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How Did We Do It?

To be honest, mall roadshows (even at the most premium locations) can be so boring and appear pompous. So our purpose was to turn them into experiences that a user interested in technology, automobiles and luxury would sit up and notice, experience the product and take home valuable information impacting their short term automobile purchase decisions. To ensure that every LBB user becomes a part of the journey, we mapped the entire roadshow through tech innovations and coverage on our web & app. It was like being on a digital roadtrip with LBB & MG Motor. The content attracted an upper middle class audience, looking for the latest in technology and automobiles, are frequent travelers and the like, across Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

Through geo-specific targeting of articles and brand videos shot across these 11 cities, we were able to generate interest for a hitherto unfamiliar brand to a wide funnel of audience which is the push any new market entrant needs.

Achievements Galore!

An overwhelming response online as well as on-ground at the roadshows in each city — with a goal of 2.08 million impressions, we surpassed the expectations by leaps and bounds. The campaign resulted in over 15 million impressions. The roadshows were packed with guests coming with genuine queries regarding the brand, meeting the team, checking out the product and total video views stood at over 6,50,000. The video banner ad capturing a snippet of the first roadshow itself did well with over 83,00,000 impressions!

Key Learnings

  • Think Experience, Not Display
    While malls continue to provide you with a large footfall and thus eyeballs, targeting is still going to be key. That’s why it is imperative that the narrative changes from a pompous display to a great visual experience.
  • Local & Then Some
    While information on LBB is localised to the 8 cities that we are present in, users trickle in from nearby cities too. Pan category information, user generated posts & commerce now make us relevant to a wider base while ensuring an audience match.
  • Online to Offline to Online Engagement
    Catch the user online, bring him to your product offline, use that to reach out to more users online and thus create a vicious cycle of engagement trapping the customer in your web . Video continues to be the game changer especially when it comes to weaving a story for a new brand/product.

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