#LBBTrendList: Millennials Are Saying Yes To Experiential Marketing, Health Products & Much More

Abhijeet Singh
From LBB
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5 min readMay 9, 2020


Trends are so important. And not in the least because they tell us so much about the preference of consumers, but also, because they are key to adapting the right strategy that drives the most action. The past year has been all about learning, adapting, and actioning change that offers an edge with our millennial audience. Before we move any further, it’s important to clarify that when we use the word millennial, we specifically are speaking to the audience between the age of 22 and 34. They exist in both tier 1 and tier 2 cities, have a disposable income, and therefore, they come with a higher intention to the platform. So, keeping them in mind, the insights below have been critical to the growth and success of our product. Now, let’s take a look at the trends that our millennial generation is opting for, specifically, when it comes to us, here at LBB and how it has helped hundreds of brands, choosing LBB to market their products, meet their objectives.

Experiences That Aim To Upskill, Work

Millennials are leaning more and more towards experiences that help them get ‘skills’ or perception of skill, rather than general entertainment. This is backed by the fact that while all of our lead-gen campaigns have been successful, 100% of the time, those with an offline element of ‘adding skill’ see a whopping 30% conversion rate. This success is reflected in our campaign with Fab India, where we did over 70 in-store experiences — ranging from art workshops to influencer-led masterclass, generating over 7000 quality leads, with over 2200 consumers walking into the stores across the country.

Affinity For Value & Price

It’s important to understand the inspiration behind the purchasing behavior of our audience. Unlike before, Millennials find their inspirations in friends, peers, Instagrammers, people whom they can relate to, and this, in turn, has changed the way they buy. Instead of making ‘one big’ purchase, they want to purchase ‘more’. And that brings us to their affinity to both price and value. And while more and more brands are embracing competitive pricing based on what and how Indians are buying, on our platform, of the overall orders under our e-com space, a significant 40% comes in the form of order value between INR 700–1500 rupees. This likeness for both value and price is also the reason what largely drives almost 30% consumption in the shopping category. This has helped us target brands that are the right fit for our consumers.

Health Is HUUGE!

Or at least it’s getting there. More and more people are buying into a healthy ‘lifestyle’. They like to offset their otherwise unhealthy choices — from their love for street food to unable to carry on in gyms, by choosing to explore new-age alternative healthy items. On our platform, just in the past year, we have seen a 2X search increase for words like ‘Keto’, ‘Gluten Free’, ‘Low Carb’, and ‘Organic’. Of all the snackable items up for purchase, almost 70% comes from healthy products — Protein bars to Keto cookies and low-carb dosa-mix, and, this category also drives a CTR of 8%.

Love For Accessories

Millennials love to accessorize. From rings & earrings to belts and socks, this category drove almost 25% of all the sales coming to the shop and had over 7% click-through rate.

Great Time For Everything ‘Home Grown’

The perception of everything homegrown is cool and the millennials totally dig it. We saw over 3X search increase for homegrown products. This is also a category that saw 8% fulfillment link clicks. From home bakers to farm-to-table vegetables; it’s a good time to be a self-starter.

Size Zero Is So Passe

Millennials are more comfortable in their skin than we give them credit for. They are embracing their body size rather than following the billboards to inspire them. Plus size searches, on our platform, saw an increase with 60% users checking out the product display page {PDP} with over 16% adding products to their cart. That is only bested by the accessories.

From loving homegrown brands to setting new trends, our users are opening up new avenues across categories. This has helped us help a range of brands across the country and has shown us the way forward. Even with the ongoing COVID epidemic, the post-COVID world looks very promising.

Note From LBB

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