Lemon cheesecake

Thoughts circle around interleaved crosshatch mosaics. Bean sprouts murder pavement babies piss black urine through haughty straw bail eyes.

Light passes windows broken crackhouse maws. Jaws adjusting black soled shoe tongues lashing out at zebra floors.

Lying back to ball pit bagged and shanty brown. Cord cut stuffed stiff scared and hiding from paper cut juices flow over.

Bandy legs suffice.

Holding gut girth flowing hairy sacks of mucus. Back the waters stream with crow shit bat crazy filth. Lemon cheesecake stymied gush through minds beady orifice.

Wishes wail against trunks grey soot feet. Streets grow fail fall hills rise above. Cobbles broken stuck cracked mule and haw sounds across rooftops sun drunk cherry dip.

Suns sets’ follow circles earthly moves. Stars jump dance sparkle black cat skys’ last sip of coal brandy under sagging sad leather feet chomp stones.

Arms bend right.

Spin top dirvy hair swish slash faced gremlins watch moving blurred visions stop. Tarragon soaked scent suffused air passes moves apart noses sniffing snuff.

Guns loaded buns pressed hard up soft stomachs lurch scratch itch. Wanting paws pass pubescent loves snake around hand squeezed grapefruit.

Keys smashed bashed laden fruit of binary arpeggio sound. Rough steak brakes cruel interludes musings from afar washed down red grasping lips handed panting throngs.

Keep in time.