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Someone who’s willing to stand up for its principles and strong enough to resist the overtures of simplicity’s evil twin, complexity.

What We Believe In

  1. Extensive knowledge of iOS engineering. As long as Apple’s core business is making great hardware & software that translates into astounding experiences, Apple will promote primarily those apps that highlight and make best use of their products’ potential.
  2. Order in thinking. A team of expert iOS engineers can take an idea and turn it into an app. Add clear thinking and the ability to envision the end result and you get an app with a simple flow that’s easy to understand and use. Just the right match for iPhone or iPad.
  3. A champion that will stand up for simplicity. In key moments when decisions have to be made, almost every time it comes down to choosing between simplicity and complexity. Both ways have merits and often times complexity may seem the right path to follow. It takes a very good understanding of what needs to be achieved short term and long term in order to follow simplicity when building an app, all the way until hitting the App Store. This is a what a champion does.



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