Ahkam Tajweed al Quran

Wearing dino socks is NOT a prerequisite to read these books :)

Ahkam Tajweed al Quran is the book I received recently at the teaching Tajweed workshop held by SANQC. I was granted the opportunity by Allah SWT to learn directly from the authoress of these books, Sheikha Kareema Carol Czerepinski, and other amazing teachers from Dar al Huda Quran institute in Jeddah. Sheikha Kareema is also the authoress of of About Tajweed website.

These books are an excellent source of learning the theory of Tajweed for beginners and intermediate level students of Tajweed.

ahkam tajweed al Quran

One of the beneficial point in these books is that the rules of Tajweed are first mentioned in Arabic and then explanation is done in English. Learning the Arabic terms prepares you for more advanced study in theory of Tajweed through classical Arabic text.

The only drawback of these books is that they are not widely available. Although amazon sells them but in countries outside America and Europe this may not be the best option.

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