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Getting your voice heard: a beginner’s guide to making a difference in the UK


Garry Knight (public domain)

Tools for everyone
  • Make sure that your opinions are based on truth, with sites such as Full Fact and Snopes
  • Use Google Alerts so you know exactly what your representatives get up to outside Parliament
  • Don’t miss your chance to make a difference with your vote, by finding out when the next elections are, locally or nationally.

How to write to your MP

Garry Knight (CC-by/2.0)
A list of representatives on

Choose the right representative

Miles Taylor (CC by-nc-nd/2.0)

Only write to the representatives for your own area

Lynn Friedman (CC by-nc-nd/2.0)

Make a single, actionable request

Use your own words

Choose your time

One laptop per child (CC by/2.0)

What should I write?

  • How you would like your MP to vote in an upcoming debate.
  • Your personal experience and how it relates to a current issue: for example, you may be someone affected by recent cuts to welfare benefits, or you might work with people who are suffering because of government policy. A human story which shows the real-life effects of what may have seemed like quite an abstract topic will always have impact.
  • Facts and figures which may help your MP see things in a new light.
  • An invitation to attend a meeting, your workplace, a school or an event so that they can learn more about a specific topic.
  • A question to find out more about how they feel on a certain issue.
  • Positive support for the way they are already speaking and voting — we’ll talk in a later post about why this may be more effective than it seems at first. (CC by-nc/2.0)

How often should I write?

Caroline Gunston (CC by-nc/2.0)

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