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“Build, define, deploy” — building Netcore’s PX product video

Here’s how we made Netcore’s Product Experience platform look easy and accessible through a product video.


Netcore Cloud is a global Mar-tech product company. They have a range of marketing technology platforms, with their then-newest offering being their nudge and walkthrough-building platform titled Netcore Product Experience. This is a no-code tool designed for product teams, to simplify the building and deployment of user walkthroughs.

Netcore Cloud’s Website.

Problem Statement

Netcore came to us with 3 issues they wanted addressed.

1They were known primarily for their email marketing tools, and wanted to be associated with their larger product stack.

2 They wanted to grab the attention of product heads, managers and teams, letting them know that they had a new no-code solution. The key was to communicate that with their tool, product teams could take 15 minutes to deploy what typically takes 3 days to code.

3They wanted to communicate the core of what their product could do, along with demonstrate its ease of use.

In short, they wanted to build on their brand and product awareness.

Our Approach

The first step was to gain a thorough understanding of their product. Through multiple demos, our team went over the tool and the user flows and understood the crux of the problem they needed to solve.

At the core of it, our task was to create a piece of media that translated a whole demo call into under 90 seconds of content.

To do this, we had to get into the minds of their target audience — product managers and product teams. What are the problems they’re trying to solve? What makes them tick? How do they want to be spoken to?

Another major task we had was that of depicting their platform in a user-friendly manner. They were in an early stage with their platform, and its user interface was not in its final form. Because of this, we had to translate our understanding of the tool as it were into a version fit for a product video. We had to give shape to what their product could look like to first-time users without them getting lost in the details, while at the same time, accurately conveying the platform’s functionality.

Essentially, we made their platform look more user-friendly.

We began by shortlisting the most important screens on their platform, and then building them out with a suitable visual language. Here’s what they looked like:

First view of the platform.
Various screens within the platform.

Simultaneously, we worked on our script.

We had our intentions clear: to speak to product teams and to eliminate all jargon and unnecessary language. Netcore’s product was complex and multifaceted, so our goal was to keep it simple and to the point — to convey the core of what the platform does while having a little fun along the way.

We picked a soundtrack early in the process. We wanted the soundtrack, visuals, and on-screen copy to all complement the other and feel cohesive.

One of the ideas we agreed upon early on was to have a single point in the video where the soundtrack, script and visuals all intersect. This went on to have “Oh yeah, it’s on!” on screen, and on the soundtrack.

When it came to designing the visuals, we kept it fun, bold, and clear. We picked from Netcore’s primary colour palette, while also playing up their secondary colours.

Netcore’s primary and secondary colour palette.

We used large hero text for on-screen copy and had our visual elements subtly support the same.

“Smooth, Quick, Agile” is complemented by nudges of various types.

We ensured attention was given to every small element we added to the frames to make the visuals full and engaging. Every illustration on-screen was intentionally designed and carefully animated.

Elements created for each core feature displayed.

As a final step, we added a layer of sound design to the final video. In our experience, good sound design elevates the audio-visual experience.

Let us know what you think of our process and the outcome!

If you’re a creator who loves work like this, hit us up. We’re always looking for quality freelancers to work with — age and location no bar.

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