Putting It Bluntly Game Reviews: God Of War PC: 4 Years Later, Still Incredible!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m an Xbox and PC fanboy. I really, REALLY like Sony Playstation but I haven’t had one since the PS2. Needless to say, I missed out on a lot of PS exclusive titles that are OUTSTANDING. MLB: The Show, the Uncharted Series, Spiderman, etc. were completely unavailable to me…until now! With Microsoft buying up every game studio they can find and Playstation selling off the rights to some of their exclusive games to different distributors, I can FINALLY play some of these games that have eluded me for so long. MLB: The Show is EXCELLENT and I don’t even like baseball. I’d literally rather watch a screensaver than a baseball game on TV. I intend to check out Horizon: Zero Dawn and hopefully Ghosts of Tsushima, but today, I have the pleasure of playing thru and reviewing God Of War.

God of War came out in 2018 and has been critically acclaimed ever since. And since Sony is fucken STINGY I had to watch all you lucky bastards talk about how good it was. Well NOW, I get to see for myself.

This game plays like a DREAM. It looks as good if not better than its PS4 predecessor. If this game was a car, it’d be a BMW M4 in 4th gear; running smoother than a 15 year old barrel-aged scotch. That’s actually the beauty of this being a PS4 game running on a PC: just about any specs will run it and you can tailor the experience to your rig’s liking. At 10+ hours of playtime in, I don’t think I’ve seen any evidence of stutter, slowdown, clipping, glitches or bugs. They had it right the first time, but they doubled down for this one.

The game itself tho? Pure chaotic, violent bliss. God Of War is known for its over-the-top setpeice battles with incredible villains, but this game takes that concept, straps it into the Captain America capsule, pumps the steroids dosage up to Mark McGuire, and lets that genetic freak run WILD. The very first level has you battle with Baldur; one of Odin’s sons who has superhuman strength and feels no pain. During this fight you legit wreck a whole forest: using redwood trees as baseball bats and ending the battle by, literally, stomping your opponent THRU the ground, creating a new valley and hillside. Then after that, you fight a dragon…that’s about the size of Reno, NV. To the dragon’s credit, it probably smells better.

The story is more than I bargained for. I never played thru any of the other God of War games enough to get the entire story, but I caught myself up on YouTube. But then again, the story in God Of War is about as thick as any 80’s action film. I just wanted to find out for myself because Greek/Roman mythology was my jam back in high school. I remember learning about it and going “Hang on; you’re telling me Zeus went to earth, fucked a human woman, had a demigod/superhero baby, and his baby mama Athena got mad and sent this kid on a mission to kill a 7-headed fire-breathing dog? SIGN ME UP!!!” So, I was intrigued to see how the tragic story of Kratos shifted from Greek to Norse mythology. And I was pleasantly surprised as to how well the story works.

Basically, after the events of 3 God of War games, Kratos attempted to retire and start over in Scandinavia. He built a home, found a wife, had a child, and started raising his family while hiding from the gods. Eventually, when the “BOY!” was around 9 or 10, Kratos’ wife fell ill and died. The game begins with her funeral and cremation and our 2 protagonists venture out on a mission to spread her ashes from the highest peak in the realm. And throughout the story, game recognizes game and the Norse gods discover Kratos’ true nature.

THE VERDICT: This game gets a 98% Chronic on the Bammer Scale. I’m talking this is some primo, grade A OG Kush that locks your ass onto that couch and won’t let go of it for hours. In fact, this game is an edible: starts off a bit slow, then WHAM! Its 10 hours later, you had a blast, and you’re wondering where all that time went. Definitely worth adding to your collection if you haven’t already, and worth the 2nd go-around if you have. I love it!



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